no matter how young or how old you are- and no matter where you are in the world- broken promises are forever…

(and i personally say a BIG hello & BIG thanks to all my friends on tumblr.)

Leonard Peltier b. September 12th 1944  39 years in prison  


Their Elders fought and so will their children’s children fight!

Prison Writings My Life Is My Sun Dance - Leonard Peltier

John Fekner  & Don Leicht 

Bottom Line + Front Line = WAR IS NOT EVER OVER

Vienna November 2013

John Fekner & Don Leicht

Sisters Brothers - Your Space Has Been Invaded

The work represents four individual children in a united cluster standing above a black rubber barrier as a symbol for the Gaza strip. The belt, which could potentially inflict wounds, is distressed and cracked. The two girls are red and purple in color, and the two boys are black and blue, indicative of beating and bruising. The children resist and stand together with a will and determination to move forward despite any adversity.

War Is Not Over (Bottom Line /Front Line) - john fekner & don leicht

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